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Food & Wine

Pisa province is more than lovely landscapes and artistic heritage. It also has an impressive gastronomic tradition. Leading local products include wine, extra-virgin olive oil, truffles, cheese, cured meats and much, much more. Among the leading food and wine itineraries are the Wine Trails and the Olive Oil trail. Wines from the Colline Pisane include delights such as Chianti DOCG delle Colline Pisane, Bianco Pisano San Torpè DOC and Vin Santo San Torpè DOC. Etruscan Coast Wine Trail loops into Livorno province, and among the Pisan wines included on its route is the renowned Montescudaio DOC, produced in red and white varieties. The Monti Pisani Olive Oil Trail is dedicated to the famous olive oil which has been produced since the Middle Ages on the seaward slopes of the Monti Pisani, where the favourable climate and terrain help make it one of Tuscany's most highly prized olive oils. And then there's the truffle, mainly found in the hills around San Miniato and now the star of a series of initiatives, chief among which is the national white truffle festival held in San Miniato every November. Other products of note include cured meats (some of which are unique and not to be found anywhere else), cheese (with a number of varieties of ewe's milk cheeses), pasta, Lari cherries and traditional sweets such as torta co' bischeri (Pontasserchio), nozza (Calcinaia) and… even a world-famous chocolate.

Pisa Food & Wine Festival, 12-14 December 2014

Pisa Food & Wine Festival, in its third edition, is a journey of taste to discover the flavors of the region, from the Monti Pisani to Valdicecina, including pasta, pastries, meats, cheeses, wine, olive oil, sauces and liqueurs … it starts right at the end of AI*IA 2014.


The Chamber of Commerce of Pisa publishes some guides which can help you to plan your visit and enjoy the local specialities.

P.I.S.A. amazing land (Italian, English, web version)

This guide illustrates the city offer to the tourist through thematic tours and events of different kinds. It can satisfy the art and history lover, the gourmet, the nature lover and the theaters and exhibitions frequenter.

Restaurants in the province of Pisa (Italian/English)

This guide offers to the tourists detailed information on the different types of restaurants, and their specialities, in the province of Pisa.

Pisani …con gusto (Italian/English and web version)

It provides a complete guide for tourists who want to enhance their stay. Businesses in the territory of Pisa - almost all small and family-owned - present not only their products, but also their history.

Flavours and Traditions of the province of Pisa (English large file!)

This book aims at stimulating the curiosity on Pisa territory by presenting a brief description of the historical, artistic and natural heritage of the province of Pisa, linked to the food and wine offered by this wonderful region.