AI*IA 2014 Doctoral Consortium


luigi.jpg Luigi Di Caro

Short-term researcher at Turin University, his research interests are Natural Language Processing and Data Mining.
dodaro.jpg Carmine Dodaro

Ph.D. student at the University of Calabria, his research interests are Answer Set programming, SAT and MaxSAT.
loreggia.jpg Andrea Loreggia

Ph.D. student at University of Padova, his research interests are computational social choice, game theory, preference elicitiation and aggregation.
navigli.jpg Roberto Navigli

Associate professor in the Department of Computer Science at the Sapienza University of Rome and a member of the Linguistic Computing Laboratory.
alan.jpg Alan Perotti

Ph.D. student at Turin University, his research interests are Neural-Symbolic Integration, Abstract Argumentation and Runtime Verification.
Manuela Sanguinetti

Ph.D. student at Turin University, her research interests mainly focus on the automatic exploitation of linguistic corpora for translation purposes.

Program Committee

That's YOU!
All submission will be cross-reviewed by authors, so each author of a submitted paper will be asked to review 2-3 other submissions.
That's a good exercise for all of us, and a good understanding of some submitted papers will improve the discussions we'll have here in Pisa!

Senior Committee